drawing of classroom meeting    Module 1 – Unit 6:  Exploring the Topic

Your First Week on the Job

Think About It   How do you feel when you start a new job? Do you think most people feel the same way? Think about a job that you have now or one you had in the past. Recall your first week at this job and answer the questions below. You can also use these questions to interview someone you know.



What was your job and where did you work?


What do you remember most about the first week at the new job?


What did you do? What were your main duties?


How did the job compare to your expectations?


What did you need to get used to?


Did you need to fill out any paperwork?
If so, what kind?


How did your co-workers and supervisor treat you? Who helped you the most?


The letter below is from a website that posts and responds to letters from people asking for advice about work issues. Read the letter and decide what tips you would give to the person who wrote the letter. Then read the response and consider whether you agree or disagree with the advice given.

Dear Ms. Jobsmart,

I had a brief orientation when I started a job a few weeks ago. Now everyone expects me to know what to do, but I feel lost and overwhelmed. Do other people feel like this, or is it just me? What should I do?

Not Up To Speed Yet

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